Vineland Growers - Bahco Px-m2 Ergonomic Pruner - Fixed Handle
Bahco Px-m2 Ergonomic Pruner - Fixed Handle

Cutting Capacity 20mm (3/4")       

Recommended for users who do not feel any pain yet, but who want to avoid it.  A good size for vines and small shrubs.

The Bahco PX and PXR are for professionals and home gardeners alike. These lines are unique in their ability to customize handle size, cutting head size and choice of left hand or right hand, letting the pruner fit your exact specifications for your required usage. 

This feature, coupled with the spaded handle to spread the load more evenly across the hand and away from sensitive areas reduces stress on the hand, diminishing the occurrence of tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome. 


Product Code: PX-M2