One of the main crops of the Niagara Peninsula, peaches are a seasonal favourite. Mature and firm peaches become sweet and juicy with a soft flesh and a fuzzy skin. They can be enjoyed out of hand or in many sweet or savoury dishes. We offer three varieties of peaches, Semi-freestone, Free-stone and Clingstone.


The Semi-freestone peach arrives first in the growing season and includes varieties such as Harrow Diamond and Garnet Beauty.

Available: Mid July


The pit in the Freestone peach separates easily from the fruit. Our most popular peach is the Redhaven which arrives at the peak of our peach season.

Available: Early-Mid August


Commonly referred to as Baby Gold peaches, the flesh of the Clingstone peach is firmly attached to the pit. These peaches with their distinct flavour and firm flesh are perfect for canning.

Available: Late August



Ontario Peach and Honey SemifreddoImpress guests at your next soirée with the refreshingly light taste of Ontario Peaches mixed with wildflower honey in this partially frozen cake.
Ontario Peach Fusion SaladThis refreshing and light salad is a definite crowd pleaser. Seasonal Ontario peaches combine beautifully with grilled shrimp, avocado, mango and a tangy Asian-inspired vinaigrette for a perfect main or side dish on a hot summer’s evening!
Layered Ontario Peach And Chicken Ciabatta LoafAdding peaches to a sandwich creates a sweet, moist and fat-free layer. In place of layering, mix the ingredients for a salad-style filling. Ciabatta is an Italian bread with a soft interior and a crisp, thin crust; its name means “slipper” in Italian, referring to the loaf’s shape.