BAHCO P1-20 Ultra Light Handshear

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This high-tech secateur by Bahco is great for pruning and training of vines and fruit trees.  The handles of this Bahco pruner made of glass-fiber-reinforced material is lighter than aluminium, yet more resistant than steel, and fit particularly well into the hand.

  • P1-20 has 8″ handles with a cutting thickness of 3/4″.
  • The handles made of glass-fiber-reinforced material are lighter than aluminum.
  • One-hand-locking mechanism with steel button.

Sharp Bahco blades make a better cut to help plants heal faster. Superior design lets you cut small vines, tree branches, flowers, bushes and shrubs longer with less effort. You will be amazed at how much more productive you can be with Bahco hand pruners.

All Professional Bahco Pruner parts are replaceable to ensure quality and longevity.


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