Tart Cherry MojitosAdding simple syrup made with tart cherry juice and muddling a few extra Ontario cherries creates a mojito worthy of a celebration. Although this drink is so delicious you might just want to celebrate everyday!
Ontario Peach and Honey SemifreddoImpress guests at your next soirée with the refreshingly light taste of Ontario Peaches mixed with wildflower honey in this partially frozen cake.
Savoury Ontario Plum SaladThis salad offers a new way to eat fresh plums. Married with the savoury flavours of arugula, beets and crumbly blue cheese, the plums offer a juicy sweetness to each bite. Enjoy as a light side dish with juicy steak or fish fillet.
PLUM’ILICIOUS“Tree-ripened Ontario plums offer a refreshing and aromatic summer aperitif. Add a splash of sparkling wine or gingerale for a touch of flair.” – Chef Mark Picone, Vineland, ON
Panna Cotta with Ontario Plum CoulisLight, silky panna cotta always makes an elegant dinner finale and is remarkably easy to prepare. Here, the Italian classic is infused with nutty Amaretto and topped with homemade Ontario plum coulis – it simply bursts with juicy seasonal flavour, tasting a piece of Ontario in every bite!
Easy Coronation Grape TurnoverA flaky pastry cut into triangles is filled with coronation grapes that have been stewed with sugar and lemon juice. Baked until golden brown and topped with powdered sugar.
Ontario Grape-siclesSweet and thirst-quenching, grape-sicles are sure to satisfy kids and adults alike on a hot summer’s day. Just when you think that it can’t taste any better, two whole grapes reveal themselves at the tip of the grape-sicle imparting a burst of fresh cool flavours.
Roast Beef Blue Cheese and Ontario Coronation Grape Jam SandwichThese sandwiches are full of cross country regional appeal from Canadian blue cheese, Alberta beef and homemade fruity, sweet- tart Ontario Coronation Grape Jam- topped with a handful of spicy arugula and a grind of fresh black pepper, they hit a new flavour high.
Ontario Nectarine Salad with Minted Chili Dressing"Garden greens are abundant throughout the summer and into early fall. a variety makes this salad interesting both in texture and colour. When mixed with fresh nectarines and finished with a zesty dressing, it comes alive and tickles the senses! - Chef Mark Picone, Vineland ON
Coconut Shrimp with Ontario Apricot Dipping SauceShrimp is breaded in coconut flakes and pan-fried. Served with a homemade apricot dipping sauce, made from fresh Ontario apricots, soy sauce and ginger. Sprinkled with sliced green onions for garnish.
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