Savoury Ontario Plum SaladThis salad offers a new way to eat fresh plums. Married with the savoury flavours of arugula, beets and crumbly blue cheese, the plums offer a juicy sweetness to each bite. Enjoy as a light side dish with juicy steak or fish fillet.
PLUM’ILICIOUS“Tree-ripened Ontario plums offer a refreshing and aromatic summer aperitif. Add a splash of sparkling wine or gingerale for a touch of flair.” – Chef Mark Picone, Vineland, ON
Panna Cotta with Ontario Plum CoulisLight, silky panna cotta always makes an elegant dinner finale and is remarkably easy to prepare. Here, the Italian classic is infused with nutty Amaretto and topped with homemade Ontario plum coulis – it simply bursts with juicy seasonal flavour, tasting a piece of Ontario in every bite!