BAHCO P51H Professional Hedge Shear

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High-quality Bahco shears for professional use in parks, vineyards, estates and particularly for topiary art work.  Partly serrated edge for cutting up to 15 mm thick branches.  P51H with 36 cm long handles for extended cutting range.  Stamped and fully hardened blades.

Reduced fatigue through superior cutting performance and very comfortable handling.

Professional, reliable, light duty or heavy: Bahco hedge shears and Bahco grass shears are the best. Designed for clean cutting with less friction, the hardened-steel blades and handles are designed to last. These excellently balanced shears produce perfection every time.

Bahco hedge shears come in two distinct blade designs: straight or wavy. Straight shears feature long, very sharply ground blades. They are used on most types of hedges, especially tightly packed hedges such as the varieties used for topiary and typical English gardens. Wavy-blade shears feature two very sharp blades, ground to a distinct wavy shape. The waves trap groups of twigs and prevent them from sliding along the blade during the cut, which ensures a uniform finish to the hedge. These shears are for cutting hedges and plants with a fairly open structure, like pines and vines.