FELCO #20 Lopper

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Ideal for pruning trees, bushes, vines or shrubs, this lopper has excellent arm lever effect thanks to length of handles, anvil blade with blocking grooves to hold the branch steady while cutting, handles with shock absorbers to protect the wrists and tapered cutting head for greater manoeuvrability.

If you have ever had the misfortune of using a poorly made pruner, you will really appreciate the feel and performance of the Felco line. Felco pruners are designed to cut cleanly and evenly, leaving no crushed wood that might invite pests and disease. All Felco parts are replaceable. These pruners should provide many years of faithful service; the best choice for serious gardeners.

Felco makes their loppers with solid, forged light metal handles, comfortable cushion stops and their famous Felco adjustment system. The screw-mounted anvil blade has a sap groove and slide-resistant blocking grooves. Because of their construction and great cutting performance these loppers have achieved top results when compared with similar loppers on the market.


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