Gripple Tensioning Tool

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With Gripple, installing and tensioning agricultural fencing has never been easier or faster.

Forget tying knots and twisting wire – instead rely upon the simple push-fit of the Gripple to create an instant join in your fence.

Gripple replaces ratchets and can be reused over and over again. Whatever fencing job needs doing, Gripple will help you do it faster – field/livestock fencing, barbed wire, plain wire fencing, H-post bracing, or electric fencing for cattle. The strength and reliability of the join, together with the time saved, has made Gripple the first choice for farmers, vineyards, and contractors around the world.

Features: 1) Joining two wires is as simple as pushing the ends into the gripple 2) The moment any tension is applied in the opposite direction the gripple locks solid 3) Gripples are retensionable and reusable 4) Small gripple – joins 17ga. -14ga. wire5) Medium gripple – joins 10-13ga. mild steel and 12-13ga. high tensileInner packing: 1pc/OPP bag, 1doz/inner box Or according to customer’s requirement unit price:$0.38/pcOuter packing: 20doz/ctn